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Oxygen, Education, Pulmonary Rehab and Other Key Post-Acute Strategies for Reducing Readmissions and Improving Patient Centered Outcomes

This webinar is no longer available. Other webinars are available in our archive.

The COPD Foundation their work to improve patient centered care around readmissions identified several areas of opportunity- two in particular that are core components of management of individuals with COPD- Pulmonary Rehabilitation and supplemental oxygen. This webinar will share two Best Practice Models around these opportunities in supporting care models that can improve patient outcomes post discharge and influence readmission rates.

In April 2013, PCORI awarded the University of Illinois, Chicago, a contract to fund the collaborative and innovative PELICAN project (contract # CE 1304-6490), which unites the COPD Foundation, the University of Illinois, National Jewish Health, the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, AlphaNet, and Apria Healthcare to develop an ambitious, uniquely patient-centered approach to improve the quality of life and resolve the needs of patients with supplemental oxygen and their caregivers, and develop an intervention that is tailored to their needs.

Cabin Creek Health System recently opened the Grace Anne Dorney Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center in West Virginia. This center has enabled the community to provide a core service to their patients. The value of the program has been realized by all the system/community providers. The referral rate has steadily increased and their high maintenance participation has demonstrated how such a comprehensive program can support the COPD patient centered model and help COPD individuals reach their maximum potential.

Our speaker will take part in an interactive Q&A session. Come prepared with your questions on this topic.

Click to download the white paper: COPD Patient 30-Day Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

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Featured Speaker

Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD

Prof. of Medicine & Public Health, & Assoc. VP for Population Health Sciences, Office of Health Affairs , University of Illinois

Chaffee Tommarello, RRT, CPFT, AE-C.

Director of the Breathing Center, Cabin Creek Health Systems


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