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Are Your Sleep Savvy? Quiz 15

(Refer to the graphic to answer this question.)
1. This 30-second epoch would be scored as:
    a.    Stage W.
    b.    Stage R.
    c.    N1.
    d.    N2.

(Refer to the graphic to answer this question.)
2. The cortical activity seen at the end of this epoch is best described as a/an:
    a.    K complex.
    b.    Alpha intrusion.
    c.    Spontaneous arousal.
    d.    Hypersynchronous burst of beta.
3.  According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, portable monitoring is an appropriate choice for:
    a.    Diagnosing Hypoventilation Syndrome.
    b.    Screening patients with a low probability of OSA.
    c.    Assessing patients with low baseline oxygen saturation.
    d.    Monitoring a patient's response to oral appliance therapy.

4.  What would increase the resolution of EEG spikes and improve the definition of high frequency activity?
    a.    Applying 50/60 Hz filter
    b.    Decreasing the sensitivity
    c.    Using a 100 µv input voltage
    d.    Recording with a high sampling rate

5. A patient with unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis would be MOST at risk for:
    a.   Hypoventilation.
    b.   Cheyne stokes breathing.
    c.   Gastroesophageal reflux.
    d.   Sleep disordered breathing during REM.
Find the answer key on Page 2.

Are Your Sleep Savvy? Quiz 15

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