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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 8

Take the quiz, and use the link below to check your answers!

1. A patient with mild dementia becomes more confused and/or agitated in the early evening. The patient is MOST likely experiencing:

a. Hypoxia
b. Parasomnia
c. Psychosis
d. Sundowning

2. Which of the following is a physiologic artifact that can be seen in the EEG channels of the PSG?

a. 50-60 Hz
b. Electrode pop
c. Head movement
d. Pulse

3. A patient that has good resolution of obstructive apneas on IPAP of 10 cm H20 and EPAP of 6 cm H20 begins having hypopneas after rolling supine. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, what bilevel pressures would be appropriate after observing 3 obstructive hypopneas?

a. IPAP 10 and EPAP 7
b. IPAP 10 and EPAP 5
c. IPAP 11 and EPAP 6
d. IPAP 12 and EPAP 4

4. The formula to calculate AHI is:

a. Apneas + hypopneas x 60 / TST
b. Arousals + hypopneas x TST / 60
c. Apneas + hypopneas / 60
d. Apneas + hypopneas x TST

5. A > 10 mm Hg increase in PaC02 during sleep compared to an awake supine value would support a diagnosis of:

a. Hypoventilation
b. Hypoxemia
c. Ischemia
d. Cheyne Stokes breathing

Click here to view the answer key.


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