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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 6

Take the quiz, and use the link below to check your answers!

1. Sharply contoured waves clearly distinguishable from the background with a duration of <0.5 seconds occurring maximally over the central regions are:

a. K complexes
c. Sawtooth waves
d. V waves 

2. What would increase the resolution of EEG spikes and improve definition of the waveforms?

a. Applying 50/60 Hz filter
b. Using a 100 µv input voltage
c. Decreasing sensitivity
d. Increasing sampling rate

3. The emergence of central respiratory events during PAP titration for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea is described as:

a. Cheyne Stokes Breathing
b. Complex Sleep Apnea
c. Mixed Sleep Apnea
d. Hypoventilation Syndrome

4. The formula for calculating AHI is:

a. (Apneas + Hypopneas) x 60 / Total Sleep Time
b. Total Sleep Time / (Apneas + Hypopneas)
c. Total Sleep Time / Total Recording Time x 100
d. Arousals x 60 / Total Sleep Time

5. Which arrhythmia would require activation of Emergency Response System?

a. Bradycardia
b. Premature ventricular contraction
c. Sinus tachycardia
d. Ventricular fibrillation

Click here to view the answer key.


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