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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 5

Take the quiz, and use the link below to check your answers!

1. The distance from pre-auricular crease to pre-auricular crease is 35 cm.  What is the distance between C3 and C4?

a. 3.5 cm
b. 7 cm
c. 10 cm
d. 14 cm

2. Chains of sharply contoured or triangular waveforms of 2-6 Hz maximal in amplitude over the central head regions, often preceded by a burst of rapid eye movements  are:

a. K complexes
b. Saw-tooth waves
c. Sleep spindles
d. Vertex waves

3. An irregularly irregular ventricular rhythm with rapid oscillations varying in timing, shape and size that replace the P waves would be scored as:

a. Atrial fibrillation
b. Atrial flutter
c. Ventricular fibrillation
d. Ventricular tachycardia

4. Which of the following is  RECOMMENDED  to detect an apnea?

a. Inductance plethysmography
b. Intercostal EMG
c. Oronasal thermal sensor
d. Pressure transducer 

5. A breathing pattern characterized by at least three cycles of crescendo and decrescendo breathing with duration of at least 10 minutes is:

a. Cheyne Stokes respiration
b. Hyperventilation
c. Hypoventilation
d. Pulmonary hypertension

Click here to view the answer key.


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