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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 4

Take the quiz, and use the link below to check your answers. 

1. The RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM electrode impedance for EEG and EOG recording is:

a. 10,000 ohms
b. 8,000 ohms
c. 5,000 ohms
d. 3,000 ohms

2. The BEST sampling rate to use when recording PSG EEG in a patient with suspected nocturnal seizures is:

a. 500 Hz
b. 300 Hz
c. 100 Hz
d. 25 Hz

3. When coexisting sleep stages occur in a single epoch, the epoch should be scored:

a. The same as the preceding epoch
b. The stage that is the greatest portion of the epoch
c. The same as the epoch that follows
d. As a transition from one stage to another

4. Which of the following is the most likely effect of zolpidem and zaleplon on sleep architecture?

a. No observed changes
b. Increased sleep efficiency
c. Decreased stage R
d. Increased sleep latency

5. The RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM frequency for scoring rhythmic movements associated with Rhythmic Movement Disorder is:

a. 0.5 Hz
b. 1.0 Hz
c. 2.0 Hz
d. 5.0 Hz

Click here for the answer key.


I appreciate your efforts

Thanks a lot

Fatima  Al Sowaid,  Asthma - COPD educoter| Sleep September 27, 2012


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