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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 17

Recommended sensor for detection, an ECG abnormality with central sleep apnea, and more!

1.    The RECOMMENDED sensor for detection of respiratory effort is:
A.    Nasal pressure transducer.
B.    Piezo crystal belts.
C.    Respiratory inductance plethysmography.
D.    Thermocouple. 

2.    The ability to remontage a recording at any time without permanently altering raw data is possible because of:
A.    Analog-to-digital converter.
B.    Common mode rejection.
C.    Sampling rate.
D.    System referencing.   

3.    Which ECG abnormality is most commonly associated with central sleep apnea?
A.    Atrial fibrillation
B.    Atrial flutter
C.    Ventricular tachycardia
D.    Ventricular fibrillation

(Please refer to the graphic above to answer this question)
4.    The artifact seen in the C4-M1 channel is MOST LIKELY the result of:
A.    Electrode pop.
B.    Pulse.
C.    Respiration.
D.    Sweat.

5.    According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, what electrodes can be used for detection of bruxism in addition to the recommended placement of chin EMG electrodes?

A.    Facial
B.    Frontalis
C.    Masseter
D.    Obicularis oris

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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 17

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