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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 16

A patient returns to the sleep health educator for PAP download after 3 weeks of PAP therapy.

(The following scenario and associated questions are representative of the types of questions found on the new Certification In Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) examination.)

Please refer to the PAP download below to choose the BEST answer the questions.



·         Usage days                                 23 days    (77%)

·         >= 4 hours                                   18 days    (60%)

·         < 4 hours                                        5 days    (17%)

·         Average per day:  3 hours 55 minutes                

·         Median per day:   4 hours 10 minutes            


THERAPY             APAP 5-10 cm H2O

Pressure - cm H20            Median 6.1         95th percentile  7.7         Maximum   8.8

·         Leaks - L/min            Median  .6           95th Percentile    10.6     Maximum   14.8

·         AHI    4.1                       Central AI    0.2                   Obstructive AI    0.1                       

1. A patient returns to the sleep health educator for PAP download after 3 weeks of PAP therapy. Based on the data, the educator would discuss:

A. Concern that inadequate interface seal is causing excessive leak.
B. The opportunity for improved outcomes through self-management.
C. The need for changing APAP pressures to 5-12 cm H20.
D. A recommendation to convert to CPAP therapy at 8 cwp.

2. To optimize PAP treatment, the educator should advise the patient to:
A. Change to CPAP mode.
B. Increase humidification level.
C. Increase time using PAP each night.
D. Tighten mask to improve leakage

3. In addition to review of download data, the educator also uses the graphic summary from the patient's overnight PSG to relate the presence of significant sleep-related findings. This is an example of:

A. Motivational interviewing.
B. One-to-one instruction.
C Return demonstration.
D. Teach back method.

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Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 16

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