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ADVANCE wants to reward our loyal community of respiratory care and sleep professionals. Fill out an easy form one time and you can gain access to exclusive premium content made available only to ADVANCE Insiders. We will regularly provide access to patient resources, in-depth salary information, practice exam questions, booklets, and more. Membership also means easy access to our monthly informational webinar series. Click on any of the offerings below, fill out the form, and you'll be an ADVANCE Insider. 

Are You Ready for the RPSGT Exam?

Test your sleep medicine knowledge by taking quick quizzes from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. Answer the questions and see how you score!
Quiz 1 | Quiz 2 | Quiz 3| Quiz 4| Quiz 5| Quiz 6| Quiz 7| Quiz 8| Quiz 9| Quiz 10 

Pharmaceutical Guide

Refer to this comprehensive listing, organized by indication, of commonly used respiratory and sleep drugs



2012 Salary Survey Results Breakdown

Get salary information analyzed by specialty, credential, region, experience, demographic, and more.



Resume Must-Haves

Look inside this guide for resume tips and tricks from healthcare recruiters and expert.



Seeking Mentorship

Discover the perks of having a mentor and where you can look to find one.




Leadership Handbook

Whether you're a long-time manager or newly-promoted, there's always something new to learn to enhance your leadership skills.




JFK's Asthma

Learn about the president's early years with asthma, how he would have been diagnosed, and how treatment for his many medical ailments may have helped his asthma.




Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders

Get tips on training up-and-coming supervisors, managers, and directors




Staffing Survey: Results

Discover how your colleagues are managing the challenge of filling their staffing needs




Sleep Sensor Placement: Patient Education

Use this guide to sensor placement to let patients at risk for obstructive sleep apnea know where sensors will go and what information they will capture for their sleep study.



Best Hiring Practices

How do you recruit and retain the best candidate for the job?




ICD-10: Are You Ready

Examine how the path to ICD-10 can be made more seamless in this special video presentation



Smoking's Effect on Your Body

Share this illustration of smoking's damage to the body with patients to encourage them to quit.



Disaster Preparedness Planning: A Resource Guide

Get expert advice on how to prepare your facility for any catastrophe by downloading our emergency management planning guide



What Is Spirometry?

Share this handy guide at health fairs or in-office to encourage and demystify spirometry screening



Historical Case Study: George Washington

Read this fascinating account of the health challenges and ultimate medical defeat of the man who led the Continental Army to victory and an infant nation into existence.




Save your Breath Cookbook for People with COPD
Check out these health-conscious recipes an RT compiled to guide her patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.



Historical Case Study: Charles Dickens' Asthma

From descriptions of Charles Dickens' wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing, it's certain that he had asthma. Unearth the modern day science underpinning the great writer's self-treatment.



Respiratory Care Hand Hygiene Education

Watch a step-by-step handwashing video from the experts at the infection control department of The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and download posters and resources that you can use in your department today.



Spanish Language Patient Education for Respiratory and Sleep 

Find clinical support for your Spanish-speaking patients, written in their native tongue. Review the primer's English translation so you can give your patients the best information on clearing airways, traveling with portable oxygen, sleep apnea warning signs, managing teen's asthma, and more.



Historical Case Study: William Howard Taft's Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome and Sleep Apnea

Examine medical cases from the pages of history and discover how modern medicine could have changed the outcomes. Our first historical case study discusses our country's 27th president William Howard Taft, whose large girth may have caused Pickwickian Syndrome, also called obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and sleep apnea.



Pulmonary Rehab Patient Education Collection

There's no doubt that pulmonary rehab is a vital component of many care treatment plans. However patients might need some additional guidance in understanding just how important their own continuing effort is to gaining improved health and expanded lifestyle. Download this free e-book full of educational handouts you can print and give to your patients.  


Patient Education Collection: Sleep Apnea

An estimated 10 million Americans have unrecognized obstructive sleep apnea. Share this free e-book of educational handouts to help guide patients from sleep test to success with positive airway pressure. Each page includes a section for patients to take notes. 


Technology Watch Product Bulletin

What's next? As the calendar turns to 2011, tech-savvy respiratory therapists and sleep technologists want to know which innovations are going to aid their future practice.  




Off The Cuff: A Look Back
Tickle your funny bone with 50 pages of wit from renowned respiratory cartoonist Dave Riddle, RRT, CPFT.


I like take NBRC board but my country not have qualify for this test,How yours help me?

Juan  Garcia ,  resp. tech.,  emergency romMarch 03, 2015
Vega Alta


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