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NFL Superstars Julio Jones, Roy Green Benefit Players' Health in Atlanta Screening With Pro Player Health Alliance

Atlanta, GA - Arizona Cardinals legend Roy Green is probably best known for his speed that made him the first NFL player to post 4.2 time in the 40 yard dash. It wasn't only his speed that earned him the respect of his peers, especially defensive backs, across the league though. His routes and anticipation of opponents' movements made him one of the most elite receivers the NFL has ever known. The two-time NFL MVP runner up and Cardinals Hall of Famer played for 12 seasons, retiring in 1992.

Fast forward to 2016. Roy Green still holds records for the NFL that few have even come close to touching, one of which is the record for most games in a season with 160+ receiving yards (5). Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is in second place with (4) in 2015. Now the two players, one a legend through time and one a current superstar, are on the same team promoting player health. Over fifty former players arrived at the screening Saturday, 7/23/16 in Atlanta at the Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital. The event that was planned by Pro Player Health Alliance, Living Heart Foundation and the NFLPA saw coverage from FOX and ESPN. Julio Jones, Roy Green and Roddy White were only a few of the health advocates who dedicated their time.

The hospital and local doctors committed to referring over 40 oral appliance therapy candidates per month to Bill Williams, DDS, of Suwanee Dental, who oversaw the dental sleep medicine portion of the screening with Pro Player Health Alliance. David Gergen, CEO of Pro Player Health Alliance said, "Dr. Williams is a great guy and a great doctor. I've heard endless compliments from many of the players, whether it be his expertise or just the great time they had hanging out with him outside of the event."

Gergen also said Williams goes all the way back to the Ed Speigal and Rickettes training days.

Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is an organization dedicated to helping former NFL players, through providing testing and treatment options for those who suffer from sleep apnea.

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