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ADVANCE is proud to offer patient handouts as an educational tool for patients. Please feel free to print these educational handouts and download these podcasts and videos, and distribute them to your patients. If you have suggestions, e-mail editor Pam Tarapchak.

Asthma & Allergies

Traveling with Allergies

7 Tips for Managing Seasonal Allergies on Vacation

More Asthma & Allergy Handouts


Diet & COPD

Help manage symptoms with healthy eating habits

More COPD Handouts


What Is Cystic Fibrosis?

Teach patients' parents the causes, symptoms, treatments.

More Pediatrics Handouts



NEW! Why it might be right for you

More Sleep Handouts


Attending a Professional Conference

10 Tips to make the most of your conference experience

More Patient Handouts

Audio Primers

Nebulizers On The Go

Share with patients this podcast about a convenient way to treat asthma.

More Audio Primers

Home Health

Vacationing With Portable Oxygen

Help patients learn how to get away by plane, by train, by car, or by bus.

More Home Health Handouts

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Maintaining Progress After Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Prepare patients for keeping up with exercises at home.

More Pulmonary Rehabilitation Handouts


Mechanical Ventilation

What You Need to Know

More Ventilation Handouts

En EspaÑol

Airway Clearance Therapy

Give Spanish-speaking patients this worksheet to help them understand how airway clearance therapy can help clear mucus out of the airways.

More Spanish Handouts:


I have one extremely important question. Why do Physicians and Surgeons and nurses think that everyone needs a breathing treatment when the Oxygen saturation drops or when the patient is short of breath without any Pulmonary history? I am very frustrated and am tired of being a therapist when we are abused. Why don't all of the big whigs in Respiratory Care help educate the Clinics, Physician's offices, hospitals and the community on who REALLY needs a bronchodilator. The big whigs are too busy writing and publishing things that do not help or profession in the most common, basic therapy we do. We do a lot of unnecessary treatments.

Omar  Hossin May 28, 2011
Saint Louis , MO

You perform a very valuable service. I wish you could update some of your presentations, which go back to 2003!

Vlady Rozenbaum,  Administrator,  InternetSeptember 24, 2009
Silver Spring, MD


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